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10 Footer Shot Loaded Nylon Bullwhip (Waxed/Unwaxed)

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4 Foot to 12 Foot 16 Plait Shot Loaded Nylon Brown/Yellow Tow Tone Bullwhip with 8" and 10" Handle:

How I made it:

Start whip core with a steel rod that is attached to a nylon sheath which houses shot for added some weight. Attached some additional nylon paracord strains just for tapering the whip core. This shot loaded transfers energy from the handle to the end of the whip, making it easier to crack. After that, I add first 10 Plait nylon paracord belly and then 2nd 12 plait nylon paracord belly. Finally made two tone 16 plait nylon paracord overlay and Herringbone Knots. I have been offering in Waxed and Unwaxed.
If waxed, the whip is then coated in paraffin wax, making these whips water resistant and ready for any weather condition

These custom made whips are crafted for durability, ease of use and accuracy. They look great, too!
There is no electrical tape is used in the construction of these whips. We used waxed thread for binding. These characteristics make for a whip that is fun to use and easy to handle. Happy cracking

Best whip for beginners, who learn to bullwhip cracking.

Size of fall: 26-32” (with respect to whip size)

Handle Size: 8" and 10"

Size of Cracker: 8" Approximate

Note: Don’t crack this whip before learning, this is a real whip and can cause serious injury for those who don’t know cracking.