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Cowhide Leather Bullwhip

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4 to 12 Foot, 12 Plaits Cowhide Leather Indiana Jones Style Bullwhip in Whisky / Natural Tan Color:

This is a Professional Bullwhip m/o fine quality whip plaiting leather and plaiting soap. This is totally handmade by skilled craftsmen, there is no any part of this whip made my machine.

Whip Core Based On:

1. Leather Core

2. 1st Leather Leather Bolster

3. 1st 4 Plait Leather Belly

4. 2nd Leather Bolster

5. 2nd 4 Plait Leather Belly

6. 3rd Leather Bolster

and Finally, 12 Plait Overlay.

Size of fall: 26-30”

Size of Cracker: 7” Approximate

Note: Don’t crack this whip before learning, this is a real whip and can cause serious injury for those who don’t know cracking.