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Australian Kangaroo Hide Bullwhip

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Whisky n Black 6 Foot to 12 foot 16 Plait Kangaroo Hide Leather Budget Range Australian Bullwhip with Free 5 Crackers:

This is a professional Bullwhip m/o fine quality whip plaiting Kangaroo hide Leather and plaiting soap. This is totally handmade by skilled craftsmen, there is no any part of this whip made my machine.

There is middle leather core covered with two 4 plaits bellies, two leather bolsters and 16 plaits overlay.

Roo' Leather is the strongest and lightest leather in the world, which makes it the perfect whip making material.

You'll notice the difference in these 16 plait professional whip in budget range.

We make this whip for those who can't purchase high valued kangaroo hide bullwhip. We make this in budget by used cowhide leather core and Australian Kangaroo Hide Whip Plaiting Leather of 0.9-1 mm Leather.

With this whip you can get experience of Kangaroo hide bullwhip cracking.

Handle Size: 11"

Size of fall: 26-32”

Size of Cracker: 8” Approximate

Packages: Australian Bullwhip, Free 5x Crackers, Free Leather Fall

Note: Don’t crack this whip before learning, this is a real whip and can cause serious injury for those who don’t know cracking.

whip are not a Toy! Adult supervision and eye protection for non-professionals are strongly recommended.